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Glass Cup, Stainless Steel Cup, Ceramic Mug ... Cup You Really Use It Right?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2017-3-31
Glass Cup, Stainless Steel Cup, Ceramic Mug Wholesale ... Cup You Really Use It Right?

Every time you buy a new cup, you feel that two days of drinking are very happy
Many people ask: what type of cups are drinking more healthy? Is it really drinking with a wrong cup same as drinking toxin?
It does not pay attention to it, but it will not be easily poisoned. Today to talk to you how to choose from all kinds of species, make your favorite cup.

01 Glass Cup
From a security point of view, the glass may be the best choice. It is basically no exudation of harmful substances, different temperatures of water can be installed. Moreover, the glass was slippery, wash up effortless; Yan value is also high, take it to drink saliva, inexplicable kind of ritual sense. However, the glass also has shortcomings: fragile, accidentally broken into slag slag.
So, if you go out or have a bear child at home, the glass is like the Mario-style woman, can not touch.

02 Stainless Steel Cup
The concern for the stainless steel cup is that it may have chromium, manganese and other metal oozing.
There are many kinds of stainless steel, need a simple classification to discuss.
// food grade stainless steel
A better stainless steel cup will use food grade stainless steel (such as 304 steel), even in the standard test with a very strong acid, soak for a long time, which exudate chromium, manganese and other metals can be less to ignore. And we usually use it to water, tea, coffee, fruit juice, etc., comparable to the test conditions more gentle, do not have to worry about "exudative harmful metals."

// high manganese steel
Some stainless steel cups will use "high manganese steel". High manganese steel may exudate more manganese, which is the circle of friends for the stainless steel cup rumors around the reasons. In fact, manganese is the human body needs trace elements, "excessive" is harmful, can not casually rogue. The fact is that even the "excessive" manganese precipitation in those reports also accounts for only a small fraction of the body's normal manganese intake and does not affect health.

// but ...
If you really want to say that the stainless steel cup "stain", also: expensive Especially the food grade stainless steel cups.

Of course, there are not expensive, such as single-layer stainless steel cup, but the insulation effect is poor. The insulation effect is good, such as double stainless steel cup, more expensive.
Poor, so choose to become simple.

03 ceramic Mugs Manufacturers
Some ceramic mugs have a pattern of walls, and we are concerned that these patterns may contain heavy metals such as lead.
These patterns are divided into "underglaze color" and "glaze color".

// Underglaze color
In the ceramic on the first color, and then high temperature firing, the last paint is covered by glaze. It looked at the pattern, but the touch is light, feel no points! This kind of ceramic mugs, pigments in the heavy metal is difficult to seep, do not worry.
// glaze color
First form glaze, and then on the color, and then low temperature firing, paint on the glaze surface. Not only look at the pattern, feels a sense of 3D. Such ceramic mugs, pigments in the heavy metals is more likely to seep.

Tips on "glaze"

Ceramic mugs are generally made of clay and other inorganic materials calcined at high temperature, the surface will have a layer of high purity clay to form a transparent "glaze." If the clay contains some metal oxide, glaze may also show a certain color. Because this layer of glaze is no heavy metals, and after high temperature calcination, so almost no seepage of what "toxic substances" .
So, simply - the inner wall of the glamorous glaze, in safety with the glass almost. The inner wall has glaze but the pigment in the inner layer of the glaze, the inner wall is smooth, then the problem is not big. The inner wall has glaze and the pigment on the glaze surface, then there is lead and other heavy metal oozing risk ... ...

04 Enamel Cup
Enamel cup is actually a layer of porcelain metal cup, the older generation with more.
Because the calcination temperature is low, the formation of porcelain is not stable enough, enamel cups in contact with food (especially acidic food), it will exudate harmful metals. In addition, the enamel cups do not fall, knock the touch, inside the metal exposed to the ... ...

05 Imitation Porcelain Cup
The so-called ceramic mug is the kind of at first glance like a ceramic mug, but the actual material is plastic cup. Imitation porcelain than glass and ceramics to light, not easy to break, suitable for children with. But we are more worried about imitation porcelain material may seep out melamine and formaldehyde? The real imitation ceramic material called "melamine resin", which melamine, formaldehyde leachate is very low, do not worry.
And need to worry about the market is the "bad quality tableware." These inferior products will use "urea-formaldehyde resin" or doping other melamine powder (such as A1, A3 melamine powder). And A5 melamine powder is pure melamine resin, made with it tableware is safe.
So the question came ...
How do I know which is true, which is false?
There is a simple way: 100% of the melamine resin is more expensive, so the real imitation porcelain tableware is not cheap Oh!

06 plastic cup

There are many types of plastic, good or bad. Here's a simple and rugged pick:
Note that "can be microwave heating", the security is good, can be used. Not marked, "conservative" use: what water is not installed for too long, especially acidic drinks and hot water. In addition, the plastic cup is not clean, and more likely to breed bacteria.

07 Paper Cups
The appearance of paper cups is to avoid cross-use of the cup (with each other) and the security risks.
The paper cup itself is no obvious security risks, but as a simple, inexpensive product, its quality control is not necessarily guaranteed. In addition, the paper cups can only be buried or burned, not environmentally friendly.

So ... ... home standing for drinking: glass cup, stainless steel cup, inner wall surface without color glaze ceramic mug, melamine resin imitation cup; out to carry: double stainless steel insulation cup; can be used, but not recommended Commonly used: the inner wall of the glazed ceramic mug, enamel cup, cheap ceramic cup, microwave heating plastic cup; only in public places or party with: plastic cups, paper cups.
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