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How Custom white ceramic mugs with Disney logo

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2017-3-29
How Does the "Coffee Cup" Affect the Taste of the Coffee?

Variety, origin, treatment, baking degree, water quality, water temperature, production methods, etc., there may be a lot of answers!

But do not you know? Coffee cup can also affect the taste of coffee!

1. The effect of "shape"

British University of Oxford, a study shows that different shapes of coffee cups will affect the taste of coffee.

Cross-modal research laboratory researchers recruited more than 300 volunteers from Colombia, England, China and other places, aged between 17 and 60, with basic men and women halfway, allowing them to taste coffee with 8 different sizes cups Judge its fragrance, bitter taste, taste, concentration, temperature, etc., and to priceing coffee.

The results show that the higher mug will make the coffee drink more sweet; "thin" cup of coffee than the "fat" cup drink more bitter.

In addition, the shape of the cup will also affect people's willingness to consume, with a little higher "fat" cup of hot drink, people are more willing to pay.

Researchers in the "food quality and preferences" published a report that the reason why people will think that the cups of coffee is more bitter, because they subconsciously believe that the high cup will be more milk or water, "fat" The difference between the cup and the same. In addition, a high cup or "fat" cup may be more likely to let the bitterness emerge out.

The researchers suggested that the relevant practitioners want the business to be good, or from the cup to start.

2. The effect of "color"

A study in Australia found that, even if it is exactly the same coffee, but the use of different colors of the coffee cup, you can feel different degrees of bitterness of coffee.

George Van Doorn, professor of psychology at the Australian Federal University, has invited dozens of people to experiment with transparent, white ceramic mugs and blue coffee cups and put the same coffee for test people.

The results found that the white coffee cup than the transparent coffee cup, will make people feel the color of coffee liquid deep, and then feel that the cup of coffee high concentration, drink will be more bitter; and installed in the blue cup of coffee, through the blue Color and coffee liquid color contrast, people will think that the color of coffee is relatively shallow, and then will feel this cup of coffee concentration is low, drink will not be bitter.

Duolun said, perhaps different colors and coffee contrast, can affect people's feelings.

Similarly, the color of the coffee cup will also affect the sales of coffee, practitioners should also pay attention to it!
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