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Special Mug Customized with logo from Manufacturers

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers    
Special Mug

And the high-grade traditional bone with exquisite three-dimensional cup than ceramic mug is the most frequently used water in our life. The biggest difference with the traditional tea mug is larger, the cup body is also thicker.

The mug is generally used to ceramic image imported special coating, so its wider pattern materials are more abundant, it is the traditional landscape painting, is a lovely cartoon animal, can also be a photo of yourself, as long as you want to design, can satisfy you. "My daughter will be photos printed on the cup, drink water every day seem to see her, indescribably happy." Ms. sun always thought about going to work on kindergarten daughter, since the cup, she thought the woman's mood has been a little relief. Working in an advertising company Miss Li joked that he is "narcissism", she will own photos printed on the cup, she said that this drink is more interesting.

Xin Xiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers Co., Ltd located in Shandong province China, which is one of the most famous ceramic producing Area. After experienced 20 years of ceramic business and development, we become a professional and reliable ceramic mugs supplier. Our annual turn-over more than RMB300millons .Our factory have SEDEX audit, NBCU audit, Disney audit, Wal-mart audit ect......

Xinxiang company business include ceramic mugs, ceramic coffee cups,sublimation mugs, tea cups and saucers, fine bone china mugs, promotional mugs, eco cups, musical/melody mugs, color changing mug/magic cups, solid color mugs ,coated mug, dinnerware sets, tableware, couple mugs, plates, bowls ect, Materials: porcelain, stoneware, magnesia strengthen porcelain, fine bone china . There are variety designs and shapes for your selection, customers' own designs are welcomed.

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