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No Handle Ceramic Coffee Cup for nordic espresso mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-12-15
No Handle Ceramic Coffee Cup

Government work report for the first time in the spirit of the craftsman, the National People's Congress, ceramic art master Huang Xiaoling said, I understand that the spirit of the craftsman is not only to inherit but also to be innovative."

Huang Xiaoling from the ceramic family for generations, do ceramics, she also made thirty years of ceramics. About inheritance, she talked about the master of the story. Huang Xiaoling said that her teacher at the time of the dying, the family told him that we go home, the elderly did not respond, and then the family said, we go back to the studio to see, the old man nodded his head. At that time, Huang Xiaoling "particularly touched", she was in the teacher "to see the spirit of the technical support, which is what we have said," the spirit of the craftsman."

Years ago, she and several ceramic artists together to visit their old teacher Deng Wenke, eighty years old, still in the wind, and generally not photos, but because it is the ceramic circle generations to see him, "he was happy like a child, everyone should take a picture". "He's from us, and we see the inheritance of this industry."

Huang Xiaoling said that in their company, many workers have to do a lifetime of ceramics, love and adhere to, which in Huang Xiaoling seems, is also a kind of spirit in the spirit of the craftsmen to support them.

But any industry to go further, can not be separated from the innovation, the ancient ceramics industry is also the case. Last year, Huang Xiaoling sent a group of Seiko secret agents of China coffee cup to a friend's daughter, but the girl does not love, she said to Huang Xiaoling, "the beautiful porcelain is not fashionable, suggestions for improvement."
Xiaoling specifically went to the coffee shop, see the most popular youth cup is what her coffee cup "see light suddenly, fashion is not the cup, the cup body has a little sense of the lines, then the collocation fashion pattern is popular."

She went back to improve the practice, and then gave the young man, the other side is very fond of, and from her here to buy more than and 10 sets for her friends.

Huang Xiaoling from this incident was a great inspiration, she said, porcelain are popular, in addition to texture, beauty, some people love a little retro, some people love fashion, as a designer, you should consider these.
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