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The Safest Drinking Cups white mug ceramic porcelain

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-12-5

The safest Drinking Cups

Experts say: "If people do not eat, do not drink water, can survive for about 5 days; if not drink, eat, can live 1 to 2 weeks or so; not eat, drink water, you can survive 40 to 50 days ". It seems that drinking water is more important than eating. Usually we drink through the cup "transfer" to the mouth, but the wrong cup drinking water will cause cancer!

A wide variety of cups in life, such as plastic cups, glass cup, stainless steel cup, there are one-time restaurant cups, etc., but how to use the most secure you know?

Stainless steel cup - easy to react with coffee, acidic substances

Many people think that stainless steel cup safety, drop, high temperature, so 10 people drink water, 8 people use the stainless steel cup. Stainless steel cups are aluminum alloy, the material is usually in line with national standards, so there is no safety hazard for drinking water. However, if the stainless steel cups of fruit juice, coffee, carbonated drinks, prone to chemical reactions, the cup is susceptible to corrosion, and finally lead to can not continue to use. In addition, can not use strong oxidizing soda, bleaching powder cleaning stainless steel cups, prone to chemical reactions.

Ceramic Mugs - the safest colorless glaze coating

In our lives, some people like to use water when drinking ceramic mugs, some with a pattern. But for drinking water safe? There is no pattern inside and outside the ceramic mugs high temperature, good insulation, is the preferred mugs of tea, drink water. However, if the use of colored ceramic glaze coating, it is proposed to replace it as soon as possible, especially the inner wall of the pattern! Because the colorful cup may contain lead and other toxic heavy metal elements, the encounter boiling water or acid, high alkaline beverages are easily dissolved, the human body has great harm.

Disposable cups - Contains carcinogens

Usually eat in a small restaurant, the business to our drinking water containers are generally disposable cups. It looks convenient and hygienic, but is it safe to use it to drink water? Is not safe! Because the production of businesses to make these one-time cup looks more secure, may add a large number of fluorescent whitening agent, when the fluorescent whitening agent into the human body can make the cell variation, easy to cause cancer. In addition, disposable cups encounter hot water deformation, poor sealing, hand prone to burns.

Plastic cup - easy to breed bacteria

There are some people in life like to drink with plastic cups, but how safe it? Some unscrupulous businesses in order to save costs, in the production of plastic cups may be added plasticizer, easily deformed after the encounter water, the release of a large number of toxic substances, endangering human health. In addition, the plastic cup there are many naked eye can not identify the holes, easy to gather dirt, when not cleaned after use or not completely clean, will breed bacteria.

However, some plastic cups can still be used to drink water, but to recognize its "identity." Triangle can be recycled, when the bottom of the cup has a PET mark that heat resistance to 65 ℃, cold to -20 ℃. The bottom of the cup indicates that the HDPE logo is not recyclable. Bottom of the PVC, it is best not to buy. The bottom of the cup is the LDPE mark indicating that the heat resistance is not strong. Cup bottom is the PP logo that can be heated in a microwave oven, can crisper, high temperature 120 ℃. Cup bottom of the PS mark that can heat can also be cold, but not in the microwave heating. Cup bottom is the OTHER logo that is the kettle, cup, bottle.

Enamel cup - easy to release after the collision of harmful substances

Enamel Cup produced at high temperatures, so heat-resistant, containing toxic heavy metal elements are also less, so there is no safety problems for drinking water. However, enamel cups and acid strong substances prone to reaction, such as juice, carbonated drinks and so on. In addition, the enamel cup bump, the surface is easy to damage, may release harmful substances, so we usually have to be careful, cautious.

Glass - drink (water, drink, wine) the most healthy

Glass in the production process is generally not harmful substances added to the chemical substances, so to drink water, drink, drink is safe. And the glass surface is generally very smooth, easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria.

Purple Sand Cup - the best companion of tea

Zisha Cup is made of high temperature, and its excellent air permeability, tea is not easy to taste, tea is not perishable. Is the best partner of tea.

Insulation Cup - Stainless Steel Insulation Cup Do not make tea

Mug material on the market also Tingduo, glass, purple sand, stainless steel, ceramics and so on. Glass mug safety, but fragile, not easy to carry. Zisha insulation material hot and cold cups adaptable, healthy and durable, not hot and so on. But the purple sand liner is more expensive, high prices; stainless steel insulation Cup is not suitable for tea, coffee, because tea and coffee containing tea polyphenols, tannins and other substances from the water leaching, not only endanger the human body , Will also shorten the life of insulation Cup; ceramic insulation Cup fragile, not suitable for the elderly, children use, the insulation effect is also general, not suitable for use.

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