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What's The Different Between Mugs and Cups?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-12-2

What's The Different Between Mugs and Cups?

The Custom ceramic mugs is a generic term for ceramic shank cups, but it is not entirely ceramic, since the mugs are made of plastic, glazed porcelain, stainless steel, and glass in addition to the common ceramic materials. Ceramic cups for Sheng wine, drink water, tea. Is the office of choice for business people, in line with the status, status, temperament. Ceramics in the "ceramic" is made of clay in a shape, from clay or other inorganic non-metallic raw materials, molding, sintering and other processes. The mugs are perfect for fine coffee.

1, different styles: ceramic cup and mug, compared to the shape of ceramic cups retro, traditional, a lot of fish, insects, birds and animals, landscapes and the like classical elements, popular business people, elders of the pro-Lai. Mug shape rich, color is also diversified, but do not buy too rich mug color, the color of the above are mostly chemical raw materials, there is a certain degree of insecurity, a small amount of not much problem for young people, the average household use. Mark cup body can be designed into animals, plants, animated characters and other different shapes, handles also have large ring, small ring, and even open ring and so on.

2, different materials: ceramic cup and mug volume almost the same size, ceramic cups are made of bone china, magnesia enhanced porcelain, white porcelain, stoneware porcelain of the points. Our most common ceramic cups are mainly white porcelain, ceramic materials to strengthen the main. Bone porcelain is the raw material containing cattle and sheep bone meal, firing out of the product has good translucent, glazed products, products are pale green. Bone china is a kind of high grade material.
Mugs are made of porcelain, glass, plastic and stainless steel. One of the most high-grade bone china made of mug quality best.

3, different characteristics: porcelain made of bone ceramic lead-free, no cadmium, no radiation, known as "thin as paper, sound like exhausted, white as jade, as the mirror" reputation, and ceramic cups texture lightweight, Hard, easy to wear and rupture, a moderate light transmission and thermal insulation, color natural bone powder was unique natural milk white, green green consumer goods.
Mug with more than 40% of the high value of natural animal bone meal, ceramic cup thinner than the general, in the visual sense of a special clean, stronger than the general ceramic 2-3 times.

4, the performance is different: In addition, covered ceramic cup and mug compared to its better insulation. Part of the mug is designed to be used directly in the microwave oven and into the dishwasher, but there are a few special circumstances need to use according to the manufacturer's instructions and maintenance. As the principle of microwave heating is the same, therefore, can not be placed in the microwave oven. Microwaves in the heating will produce sparks and reflect the microwave, will produce electronic eddy current. However, a special container such as a heat-resistant glass or a heat-resistant ceramic designed for a microwave oven is applicable. A little attention not to put a metal edge of the porcelain bowl into the bowl (as long as the reflection will not put), otherwise there will be a great damage to the microwave oven.

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