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Would you choose a ceramic coffee mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-11-23

Would you choose a ceramic coffee cup manufacturers ?

Coffee drinks, as one of the most popular in the world, it is not only delicious, but also has many benefits to the body.
A good cup of coffee not only needs good beans and a good way to extract coffee, but also a very important part of the coffee cup. The choice of the cup, a cup of coffee in order to perfect the appearance. Just look at you for your coffee to choose a perfect appearance suit?
But for an entry-level lady friends, a problem appeared in the choice of coffee cup, that is:
Coffee cup, how to make the coffee more delicious?
Look at the categories. Do you have a coffee cup
According to material points:
Coffee cup on the market generally have ceramic cup, glass, plastic cup. Different materials, whether it is on the taste, or have a certain impact on their own. A good cup can reflect the flavour of coffee dripping fine and bad, but the cup will ruin a good cup of coffee.
1 cups of coffee containers: the most common. White porcelain, bone china. The surface is smooth, light texture, soft color, glaze can be applied to different colors and patterns. The bone is thin and translucent. China is the most widely applicable, for boutique coffee, white porcelain color the most conducive to the observation of the concentration of coffee liquid.
2 cup: baked clay, the surface is relatively rough, strong texture, simple and quiet feeling quite zen. The pursuit of culture and history of the coffee players love the most. The disadvantage is that the coffee scale is relatively easy to attach to the surface of the cup, is not conducive to cleaning.
3: transparent glass, double glass has better thermal insulation effect. And use it to hold espresso, and this kind of latte Macchiato coffee can be very good to show a sense of the level of coffee.
4 plastic cups of coffee: the temperature is usually high, with coffee cups, plastic cups, the smell of coffee is likely to undermine the original flavor, the taste of coffee. The harmful substances contained in these materials will also be released to harm the health, but also very not environmentally friendly oh.
By cup points:
The coffee cup has wide mouth and straight cup two, and different shapes of the two coffee cup, you feel the taste is not the same. The cup shape affects you at the entrance of coffee and the taste of the first contact, which determines what kind of flavor of coffee first intimate contact with you.
1, wide mouth: as the name suggests, the cup will expand out, open. This also makes coffee to wider taste buds, let your tongue feel full of coffee flavor, especially acidic flavor experience.
2, straight cup is a cup of coffee is vertical to the desktop, the entrance is more concentrated, direct contact zone and middle zone of sweet taste, more balanced.
According to the cup wall points:
Coffee cup wall thickness also has a thick and thin.
1, the thick wall of the cup, more conducive to the preservation, more suitable for drinking latte or cappuccino coffee etc..
2, thin glass wall: with a more delicate entrance touch, more suitable for drinking a single product, can feel the heat from the heat to cool different temperatures show different flavor.
How many points by coffee:
1100 ml of the following small coffee cup: used for espresso coffee in Italy, such as Espresso.
2200 ml of coffee cup: more for single product coffee.
More than 3300 ml of coffee mugs: used for holding milk foam more fancy coffee, such as Cafe Latte.
No matter according to the coffee or coffee cup material to choose the cup, do not forget to drink before the warm cup. If the cup is cold, will affect the taste of coffee, of course, ice coffee except oh.
And taste the pleasure of coffee in addition to the coffee itself, but also to look at the overall appearance. A fine texture, delicate carved coffee cup dish, carrying the mellow strong boutique hand made coffee with dessert, I think this is where the slow life means!
A bean after many experience can be a good coffee beans, you chose a suitable clothing it? Do not let it "wasted life" Oh ~

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