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Japan's Imports of Beautiful Ceramic Mug Even lead Exceeded

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-11-8

Japan's Imports of Beautiful Ceramic Mugs Even lead Exceeded

Hangzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau supervised the destruction of two batches of unqualified food contact products. One batch of ceramic cups made in Japan, a total of 548; another batch of Korean-made filter-type water storage, a total of 150 sets, the value of 1950 US dollars. Although the number is not a lot, but because these goods are in direct contact with the human body, and the reporter found that many electronic business platform are selling the same style of products, so consumers must be vigilant.

Filter-type water storage tank water pH exceeded
In the Hangzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for sampling, found that the batch of ceramic cups (35,234, the value of 4023.81 yuan) in some models, lead dissolution measured value of 3.0mg / L, does not meet GB12651-2003 " Contact with the ceramic products lead, cadmium dissolution capacity to allow the limit "Table 1 allows the limit of 0.5mg / L requirements, a heavy metal seriously exceeded. The staff immediately to determine the failure of such ceramic cups, isolated storage of the shipment. Spot checks also found that a group of Korean-made filter water tank, water quality pH value of more than the national mandatory standards, not suitable for drinking utensils, and there are product performance virtual standard, failed to provide relevant health access permits and other issues, The staff also immediately segregated sealed the shipment.
"This looks very beautiful ceramic cup lead metal exceeded, if long-term use of such a cup of drinking water, lead content through the respiratory and digestive system slowly transferred to the human body, the human liver and blood system will have a great impact." "Hangzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Inspection and Supervision Branch Chief Han Liping introduction," while the filter-type storage kettle, on the one hand importers did not provide health permits document, on the other hand, we found in the test, after the filter The pH of the water reached 9.5, exceeding the standard of 6.5-8.5.
This year there are five batches of food contact products
Due to the existence of serious security risks were destroyed
This is not the case. Since 2016, the Hangzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of food contact products in the inspection and supervision, a total of 58 batches of unqualified, accounting for 61.05% of the total, of which there are serious security risks were destroyed by the supervision of 5 batches, Yesterday, the destruction of two batches, there are three batches were imported from Belgium, the mouth of the cup, Japan's plastic spoon, the Italian paper towel, mainly due to excessive harmful substances, decolorization, packaging does not meet national mandatory standards, Contact with the safety and health situation is not optimistic.
Yesterday, the reporter in a business platform to see these products are sold to filter cup, for example, and yesterday destroyed the same brand with the types of goods are sold, and expensive. Reporters to the business for health permits and test reports and other relevant documents, did not give a reply, many businesses said these goods to purchasing the main, these documents are not required to produce before the shelves.
Food contact products and consumers and food in close contact, the safety project failed, will have a direct impact on the human body. Han Liping to remind consumers, the purchase must be purchased from the regular mall, "to carefully review the relevant health and testing reports and other documents.

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