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These Elegant Ceramic Cup, You Could Guess How Milk Inside?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-11-9

These Elegant Disney Ceramic Cups , You Could Guess How Milk Inside?

This article from the "curiosity".
The surface coverage in the ceramic glaze, usually made of mineral raw materials and chemical raw materials according to a certain proportion of the. But in Holland, Russia, the design of the Russian girl Semenova Ekaterina has a new play.
These ceramics surface shades of brown, is the use of Semenova special glaze milk, special effects in the formation after firing.
The "milk" ceramic process is not complicated, just make a good mud soak in milk, then can be fired. Milk and milk fat content of different varieties of adobe, after the burning, can form different patterns and colors on the ceramic surface. These milk glaze, can not only make the manufactured goods concise, beautiful appearance, but also make more durable clay.
The reason why these works will be born, and Europe in recent years, the export of dairy products is a serious setback.
A few decades ago, the phenomenon of structural surplus of dairy products in Europe has been. Beginning in 1984, the EU decided to implement a quota control milk production, strict control of milk production in the EU countries. Holland, as a big country of milk production, the dairy farmers have also been fined for this. But in 2015, the European Union announced the cancellation of the control policy, due to the optimistic expectations of the Asian dairy market. So, including Holland, the EU countries began to release the cattle milk.
Did not expect that the EU demand for Asian market is too optimistic, the Asian economic downturn, coupled with Russia in 2015 began to implement the ban on the import of Western food policy, European dairy exports suffered a serious blow.
In 2015, the European dairy products structural surplus more serious.
And this situation, also appeared in Australia, the United States and other dairy products export country. According to the U.S. dairy export association (USDEC) estimates, the global dairy market to regain its vitality, may have to wait until 2017.
2015, the 28 countries, the United States, the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina milk production significantly more than the Chinese market demand
Semenova used in these works, in fact, her collar residents of the rest of the milk. She named this series of works "concerned about milk", in order to explore the new use of milk, called on people to pay attention to the value of milk.
These works were also exhibited at the Milan design week in April this year. And at the end of October this year, the beginning of the Holland design week, they will be displayed again.

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