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in 2010, China's four major events for ceramic

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-6
Custom Ceramic mugs industry through reform and opening up after three years of development, really composed of China ceramics history glorious chapter. Nowadays, ceramics are experiencing the millennium "extremely cold". Domestic and foreign trade, the overall market being attacked on dorsoventrally slump.

Four events this internal scuffle intensified

Event 1: "energy conservation and emission reduction" hit ceramics industry weakness. Ceramic industry itself "gas-guzzling, high pollution" characteristic in increasing emphasis on low carbon environmental protection today, the situation has been appears very awkward. The government began in energy saving and emission reduction GongJianZhan urgent moments, ceramics is tiptoeing through. Since September, including ceramic, across the enterprise executes power brownouts measures, has rendered local ceramic enterprises large discontinued.

Events 2: housing regulation severest accelerated ceramic industry reshuffle. State of real estate regulation of short period of ceramics industry for effect will be very big. Because of this profession is closely linked with real estate, as long as consumers keep watching or temporarily hold money to purchase, waiting for your price, for ceramic, etc. Of building materials product produce obvious influence. In the coming years of real estate industry change would be certain to ceramic sanitary industry plays accelerating shuffle action.wholesale Lipton ceramic tea mugs

Events 3: the price hike in raw materials ShengSiGuan small and medium-sized enterprises face. Industry insiders revealed that since last year all kinds of metal prices doubled rise, make ceramic sanitary wares enterprise back cost dashan heavier. Moreover, the international oil price rise impetus to the transportation expenses increased. Production costs increased, but the client does not buy the product price increases of account. Too many unfavorable factors severely chock small throat, make originally profit not high normal ceramic manufacturer even worse.

Events 4: RMB appreciation broken ceramic foreign trade export. As is known to all, China is ceramic export power, often by cheap civilization worldwide, but the dollar renminbi appreciation, many foreign trade ceramic enterprise deeply insulted, want to maintain profit, have to raise prices. Once these brand products raise price, consumers more difficult to accept moment. Its foreign dealers may move into the portal, distribution of other brand product.

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