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New ceramic cutting tools are sold to the market nationwide

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-6
Recently, custom ceramic mugs the author in fujian imperial kiln Jane porcelain Co., LTD, a kind of colour and lustre see white scaramouche texture of new ceramic cutting tools by workers after packing sold nationwide market.

In the company's production workshop, we found that a nanometer high purity by zirconium oxide as raw material of powder through modern machine high pressure molding, 1500  high temperature sintering and polishing and grinding blade and several procedure, YiBaBa jade white, lightly, sharp new ceramic cutting tools and was made.

"Ceramic cutting tools in the new century and new materials reflect green environmental protection idea for modern family and kitchen, a traditional metal sword incomparable advantage." Company controller introduces, ceramic cutting tools CengDeJun lighter sharp blade, can cut like the ingredients as thin pieces. With high hardness and high wear-resisting, never rust etc, and can keep food original flavors, with dirt, can resist the corrosion of various organic acid and alkali, and long service life. With the social progress and people's living standards, ceramic knife will quickly into the modern family, as a new generation beautiful environmental fashionable household products. According to introducing, the products are mainly exported to level city, the primary market of high-end department stores counters, 30-50 thousand, annual output value millions of dollars.

According to information, fujian imperial kiln Jane porcelain mugs Co., LTD. Is A shares listed company "China crown f household" its devotes to research and development, production of high-end ambassador gift porcelain enterprise. Company introduction of Taiwan, Japan specialized technical personnel, developing high-grade daily-use ceramics and craft gift porcelain, has the domestic advanced production equipment and sophisticated ceramic ceramic production technology, to build the imperial kiln Jane porcelain of top class brand.
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