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Delicate Porcelain Teaset ceramic mugs with silicone lids

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-9-22

Delicate Porcelain Teaset

Delicate blue and white porcelain is created and developed on the basis of years of hollow process Xuande on, it has been 500 years of history. It combines the long blue and white technology, set Loudiao wonderful art, exquisitely carved, exquisite delicate, with fresh crisp feeling. According to records, the Qing Dynasty imperial kiln in Jingdezhen porcelain factory had produced refined with a high level, but yield very little, only for court use. Lou porcelain workers with a blade on the mold and into a little bit of rice, and to be known as the "rice through", also known as Delicate eye, and then fill in exquisite glaze and accompanied by blue and white decoration, kiln firing. It seems smart, Ming Che, through the tick, especially clean and elegant show. In the Qing Dynasty, the blue and white porcelain and exquisite work skillfully combined integrally formed everyone loved exquisite blue and white porcelain. Delicate and green transparent turquoise blue color is blue and white set off each other and glorified, it gives a special kind of beauty.ceramic mugs with silicone lids
Delicate porcelain with exquisitely carved, elegant crystal and renowned Chinese and foreign. Delicate blue and white now, not only in daily use in the Western tea, wine on widespread use, but has been extended to all kinds of vases, flower holder, flower pot, as well as chandeliers, wall lamps, leather lamp and other kinds of lamps. "Delicate eye" shape from the traditional rice-like development to the crescent-shaped, flow linear, bead-like, water chestnut-like, more angular and so many rules, irregular shape. Sometimes with the "semi-knife mud" combined to form various patterns. "Delicate eye" glaze also develop from a single aquamarine red, yellow, green, blue illuminated "colorful exquisite", richer and enhanced the exquisite porcelain of expression and artistic charm.

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