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Buying Guide For Daly-use Ceramic crown mugs wholesale

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-9-18

Buying Guide For Daly-use Ceramics

(A) appearance of the product quality
First, consumers can view the product box or the box marked document the product name and grade; followed by the actual quality of the product was visually observed, purchase should try to choose the surface no obvious defects, type structured products. Plates, bowls products can be the same size of several specifications of products stacked together, observe the distance between each other, the distance uneven, indicating-type irregular, large deformation. A single product can be flat or Flip on the glass to see if it fit with the glass to determine the size of its deformation. Pairs of porcelain products, can be entrusted in the hands and fingers tapping rim, if issued a husky voice, indicating the presence of internal cracks.Ceramic crown mugs wholesale

(B) the amount of lead leaching preliminary judgment, cadmium release
Glaze, underglaze color products leaching of lead and cadmium release little or almost no, you can rest assured purchase.
Glaze color products you should use different purposes and to purchase, in order to reduce leaching of lead or cadmium influence can take the following methods:
1, used to dress acidic food containers, should try to use less product surface decoration patterns.
2, the purchase should pay attention to the color pattern is bright, if not bright, it may be DECORATED, when the temperature does not meet the requirements, the amount of lead leaching and / or cadmium dissolution of such products tend to be high.
3, with special attention to those hand-wipe pattern can be products, such products are often the amount of lead leaching and / or high or cadmium.
4, do not rest assured that the products can be soaked in vinegar a few hours, if found to be significant changes color abandoned.

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