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"West Lake Feast" Porcelain Cutlery Set!

A few days ago, G20 used state banquet cutlery set "West Lake Feast" was exposed, instant online caused a great sensation. They have said that this set of tableware simply scared to Heaven, beautiful, Chinese porcelain once again stunning the world.

China is the hometown of porcelain, so although the banquet had used a variety of materials including gold cutlery and even cutlery, but the most common is porcelain tableware. It must be a state banquet with porcelain top porcelain - often underglaze porcelain, its bright surface soft, smooth mugs custom logo ceramic

The 'Lake Feast "tableware designed by Shanghai design team, designers have made 16 kinds of design plans, development proofing took more than four months, manufacturing production period is 10 months. According to reports, this "West Feast" is inspired by the water and the natural landscape. Porcelain reflects the whole package "West element, Hangzhou characteristics, southern charm, Chinese style, world harmony," the tone. Pattern porcelain surface are drawn according to Lake real "green landscape" style meticulous landscape, fine and elegant, such as "Santanyinyue" "Manlongguiyu" and so on. For the West, people are most impressed by the addition to the "West Lake water" is probably the "West Lake bridge" the. White Snake Xu Xian then encounter the bridge attracted countless people fascinating, the design team will now apply to the elements of the bridge's design on porcelain dishes.

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