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For cleaning the coffee cup, also quite fight! Learning wash cup small coup, turned a good life expert

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-8-5

For cleaning the coffee cup, also quite fight! Learning wash cup small coup, turned a good life expert

Coffee cups and cleaning Note:

1, if it is good quality coffee cup, cup surface it is generally more closely, small pores, easy attachment coffee scale, so the finished drinking coffee, just rinse with water immediately, that is able to keep clean cup.

2, if it is used after a long cup of coffee, or failed to wash immediately after use to make coffee dirt attached to the surface of the cup, then you can put the cup lemon juice to soak for a while and then rinse, you can remove coffee dirt.

3, can also be cleaned with vinegar. Pick up some cotton balls dipped in seasoning with vinegar, then used to wipe the inside of the cup of coffee stains, you can easily can be removed.

4, with a damp cotton ball dipped in seasoning salt, wipe ceramic coffee cup, may soon wipe above coffee stains.

5, if the time is not able to completely remove the dirt coffee, you can use a neutral dish soap, dip the sponge and gently wipe clean, then rinse can last.

6, in the coffee cup cleaning process, do not use a hard scrub brush, but also to avoid the use of strong acid and alkali cleaners to avoid scratching the surface of the coffee cup damaged.

7, cleaning coffee cup, remember to coffee mugs and other porcelain spaced, with particular taboo food dipped in oil cleaning together.

Wash water used should not exceed 70 degrees Celsius hot water soaking, so as not to cause damage to the surface texture and pattern of peeling. If the residual coffee stains, you can add the right amount of neutral detergent bleach at 40 degrees to 60 degrees of hot water, soak for 30 minutes.

8, the cleaning process but also to avoid the gold-rimmed coffee cup in the microwave oven, in order to avoid the release of toxic substances and chemical changes.

After reading this, do not go the kitchen to wash the cup? ?

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