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Design from environmental protection, Harbor House introduced Revol porcelain cups

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Design from environmental protection, Harbor House introduced Revol porcelain cups

All along, Harbor House in promoting the American way of life, but also attaches great importance to product and experience a sense of environmental philosophy. Harbor House in France this season introduced high-quality kitchen utensils Revol, among them a green concept of environmental protection products --Froisses ceramic mug.
Environmental protection with the combination of design, inspired by a crumpled paper cups, bold and innovative designers, the crumpled cup-shaped design became directly ceramic cookware in environmental topics, Revol reflects its own design for the understanding of the United States.

From the "wrinkle" inspiration
Years ago, that time Revol researchers are racking their brains for the next product. Design Conference will continue to convene, but a round of meeting consumes a lot of paper, pencil and drinking water. The end of the day, but also a meeting, everyone on the design or uncompromising. To pick up a designer material had to stay to the end. "The last pick up," is the conference room of the rules, he silently collected on the table stationery, paper again, plastic cups in the trash.
When he picks up a cup at the moment, feel the wrinkles on his cup and even holding hands bonding type accident. He raised his glass, a closer look. "We use healthy materials, but doing so is not environmentally friendly thing!" A design inspiration was born.

After this, Revol draws on R & D personnel in this dynamic modeling, development of the classic Froisses coffee cup. Froisses became Revol in global sales leader, it is also one of the most recognizable series.
Initially, the French ceramic kitchenware company Revol just great concentration research, with high-quality materials and exquisite craft to create and harmless Kitchenware. But after all, Kitchenware, after all, with people gazing regular contact with food commodities. Until the birth of Froisses, only make them aware of: environmental protection can also be a good design.

Meticulous, preferably good material
Froisses series and all utensils Revol, the use of local high-quality kaolin. The century-old Revol around kaolin resources as a natural gift, and therefore particularly treasure harmony between nature and human. This natural mineral raw material does not contain lead or cadmium and other metals from high quality raw materials to create the Revol Kitchenware harmless to the human body.
In the production process, Revol use a world-class sound production lines. Not only to ensure the production process does not pollute the clay and other raw materials; waste will be produced also through harmless treatment, after discharge out will not cause harm to the environment.

The beauty of art, reflect practical
Froisses outstanding place, not only in its design language. As a high-temperature ceramic tool, it is a performance filled with excellent baking. It is not only good-looking and easy to use.
Thanks Revol craftsmanship, Froisses series of close texture, durable. Glazed enamel surface after calcination becomes smooth, it has a non-stick effect. In everyday use, easy to clean.
Froisses is French meaning "wrinkled", which is its most striking feature. Cup body wrinkles convenient grip, but also to the user to convey a concept of environmental protection: "fold does not mean useless; wrinkled can also be used for a long time."

Harbor House Froisses give you hope to bring life surprises. We hope that you, a friend to introduce the story and design Froisses to children, more people to communicate, to which we naturally love.

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