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Magic Ceramic Mugs Printing process

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-6-14

Magic Ceramic Mugs Printing process

Now use the material cup processing into a color cup, basically use one of the three methods: 1, direct printing; 2, water transfer; 3, thermal transfer. These three processes to process.
1, direct printing:
Ice water (ice cold drinks) color cup
Ice water (ice cold drinks) color cup

A rolling machine printed directly on the cup printing, the technology difficulty, general factory can print one to three color, if you encounter a high requirement, multi color is powerless, but the strength of the factory can be as many as 20 color overprint and does not go, this technique is only suitable for small batch production, efficiency is very low. Only the color printing color printing, photo effect is very difficult.

2, water transfer printing: printing in the water transfer paper printing machine that can print a rich color, also can be in large quantities
Water transfer printing paper production, but to the environment requirements are relatively high, printing environment constant temperature and humidity requirements, in order to ensure printing precision, the printing is completed in water, separation of patterns and paper, pattern posted on the cup baking finished. The Christmas color cup is a kind of technology.

3, heat transfer: with water transfer printing process is basically the same, thermal transfer paper printing is completed by the machine heating pressurization posted to the cup body, water transfer for the production of color cup, posted pattern in all rely on manual operation, and heat transfer is by machine
Automatic processing, so a modern color changing glass factory, with color paint production line, automatic printing production line and automatic heat transfer decal production line, reflect the competitive strength of the strongest.

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