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Choice of Drinking Cup- Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-6-3

Choice of Drinking Cup- Ceramic Mug

In life, different drinks are not suitable for long-term use the same kind of drinking tool, so we have to understand some of the health guidelines for life, so that we can better maintain our health. And in the process of our choice, should not be the appearance or color as the selection criteria, must be in accordance with the principles of healthy life to carry out, so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some life in incorrect use of drinking water, in the hope that we can in a timely manner to those unhealthy life who forsake off, so as to safeguard our healthy living.

1 bottle of mineral water and carbonated beverage bottle not cycle hot-water, average bottles of mineral water temperature under range at around 60 to - 20 degrees Celsius, if the water in the bottle more than within the tolerance range of the temperature, deformation will occur in the cup and will have a some harmful substances will be dissolved out, according to the scientists experiment shows that, using the way of drinking for a long time can lead to carcinogenic DEHP, the substance of the testes of the male injury is relatively large, so the domestic beverage bottles or is after the mineral water bottle is used, it should be discarded, had produced some of the security hidden danger, thus the loss outweighs the gain.

2. Usually in the use of ceramic cup product of drinking water in the process should try to choose some color light or is close to the white ceramic products, because such products on the human body damage probability is relatively small, this is because usually some of the colour of us more obvious ceramic products will contain tour some of the human body have a great risk of ceramic products, so in this process, we must choose suitable ceramic products to keep our healthy life.

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