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Container Definition Promotional Gift Ceramic Mugs

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Promotional Gift Ceramic Mugs


The 1 container is a large vessel with certain strength, stiffness and specifications for turnover use. The use of container transport of goods, can be directly in the shipper's warehouse loading and shipped to the consignee's warehouse unloading, middle of the replacement of vehicles and ships without the goods from the box out outfit. According to the cargo of the kind points, a cargo container, bulk cargo container, bulk liquid container, refrigerated container etc.; according to manufacturing materials, wooden container, steel container, aluminum alloy container, glass steel container, stainless steel container; according to the structure, folding type container, fixed container, in a fixed container can also divided into sealed containers, open top containers, flat rack container such as; according to the weight and 30 tons of container, a 20 ton container, 10 tons of container, 5 tons of container, 2.5 tons of container.

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