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Ceramic mug with carving logo The fair trade index

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-5-6

Ceramic mug with carving logo

The fair trade index "report card" signs

The 119th session of the Canton Fair surrendered turnover and buyers to double up the number of transcripts, is more worthy of expectation, more and more foreign trade enterprises choose innovation driven strategy, a number of research and development capability, with independent brand and marketing network abroad enterprise, competitiveness and bargaining power significantly improved. Through these enterprises, China's foreign trade in the transformation and upgrading of potential energy.

May 5th, the closing of the 119th session of the Canton fair. Statistical data show that this session of the Canton Fair, the cumulative export turnover volume 1822.88 billion yuan RMB (about 280.84 billion U. S. dollars), than in spring 2015 rendezvous growth of 0.1%; overseas purchasing daily to 185596 people, compared to the spring in 2015 rendezvous increase of 0.43%. "From this session of the Canton Fair, the State Council promulgated a series of steady growth of foreign trade policy structure, reduce the burden on enterprises, and enhance the confidence of enterprises, the export turnover volume emerging signs stabilized. This session of the Canton Fair in promoting foreign trade supply side reforms, help enterprises to speed up innovation and development and transformation and upgrading, promote foreign trade stabilized undermined the work played an important role. " Canton Fair spokesman, deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center Xu Bing held in May 5th at the closing of the 119th session of the fair pointed out that.

Upgrade the effectiveness previews transformation of enterprises

Soldiers said that the current fair, exhibitors to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and actively cultivate new advantages of foreign trade competition, technological innovation, green environmental protection, independent brand products to win the market. A number of R & D capabilities, with independent brands and overseas marketing network of enterprises, competitiveness and bargaining power significantly increased. Corresponding to this is that, compared with the previous few years, the purchase will be enhanced, the price sensitivity has been reduced, more attention to product quality and service.

This is consistent with the reporter saw at the current fair. The reporter saw too many full of sincerity, full range of science and technology, innovative products, heard the too many companies seeking transformation, "against the wind" to fly the vivid stories -- most of the OEM and OEM export enterprises realized, enterprises rely on the construction of independent brands enhance product added value, product market share, to the international high-end market marching, in their own brand building the road constantly digging their own potential; to have its own brand export enterprises, increase strength of product research and development, increase product innovation investment become they invariably cite, through constant innovation, these enterprises won the export initiative.
In the process of continuous integration into the enterprise "blood", the protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises is also constantly enhanced. According to Xu Bing introduced, this session of the Canton Fair complaints reception station received a total of intellectual property 479 complaints and cases accepted total down 20.56%; 613 exhibitors have been complaints, 28.72% decrease compared to the same period; eventually finds 324 enterprises have been complaints of alleged infringement, representing a decrease of 11.96%; 27 complaints were received trade disputes, representing a decrease of 6.9%.

Wisdom Fair for enterprises to pave the way to bypass

Data show that the Canton Fair to purchase daily arrivals and a slight increase, the developed economies and "The Belt and Road along the country to become the two largest U.S. buyers'supply highlights: an increase of 2.61%, an increase of 2.54% Canada buyers, the purchaser of an increase of 0.77%. Emerging markets and developing countries as a whole for the better, "The Belt and Road along the country purchase business growth significantly, an increase of 0.8%, accounting for 43.97% of the total, one of the more prominent with ASEAN and SAARC, growth of 6.01% and 5.65% respectively.

In current foreign trade situation is severe and complicated, the Canton Fair turnover sales and procurement business number are to achieve the increment, which with the Canton Fair take simultaneously investment and help the enterprise market development has a direct relationship.

Xu Bing pointed out that this session of the Canton Fair to all participants and thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on foreign trade work instructions, go all out to fight a good trade stabilized to battle. Foreign trade center also take practical action to help enterprises burden, constantly optimize the exhibition service.

Three initiatives to help enterprises expand the market

Commerce Ministry spokesman Shen Danyang in convened on May 5, the commerce ministry's regular press conference also pointed out that this session of the Canton Fair, in addition to help exhibitors to reduce the cost, to help enterprises to open up the market also launched a three new measures: one is to continue to promote exhibits professional partition, by visitors to facilitate foreign buyers to exhibitors increased opportunities for docking with the purchaser. The Canton Fair in the 27 exhibition area set up exhibits 124, 10 more than the previous. In this way, new energy, pet supplies and outdoor spa facilities and other new topics to attract a number of new enterprises have a lot of export opportunities, this batch of enterprises accounted for about 11.5% of the number of exhibitors." Two is to vigorously promote the wisdom of the Canton Fair, in particular, to improve the precision of the business (bidding). The Canton Fair before a total of 15 countries and regions to carry out the 15 remote video business, held a video link activity in the The Belt and Road "along the 9 country. At the same time, using the preview platform to promote online trade, improve the service level of information, procurement of Multi-National Corporation. Three is to increase the strength of the support of independent brands. At this session of the Canton Fair set up nearly two to one brand booth, accounting for 20% of the total booth. Through the optimization and improvement of the "brand showcase" column, for the procurement of brand enterprises and exhibits information to provide value-added services. Through the design of docking, fashion show, the design of a series of activities such as the wisdom of the exchange, to support the innovation and development of brand enterprises.

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