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Start FTA negotiations in favor of a win-win situation for China & Canada Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-4-20

Start FTA negotiations in favor of a win-win situation for China & Canada Ceramic Mugs

Canada's globe and mail, March 22 issue of the journal issued a think-tank, the Conference Board of Canada ConferenceBoardofCanada, senior vice president and chief economist of the Glenn Hodgson article, mainly mentions concerns with the government in terms of trade policy to that proposed to start Canada and China bilateral free trade agreement negotiations.

The article thinks, since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) effect for 20 years to, Canada is no longer a equal heavyweight FTA until recent trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) and Jiaou FTA (CETA). At present, the two major agreements have been completed negotiations, is about to implement.
On the next step in the direction of trade policy development, the article puts forward two concerns: first, it is to continue to deepen economic and trade relations with the United states. The United States is the unshakable Canada's first major international trading partners, although Canada and the United States of America bilateral trade in goods tariff has been reduced to very low, but in non tariff barriers still many obstacles, such as finance, information, media and entertainment and so on high-end service industry.

The second is China's trade policy. Although China is Canada's second largest trading partner, compared with other Asian countries, Canada and China's trade growth rate is not fast. In the past ten years, the share of Canadian products in China's imports has been cut by half, only 1%. If there is no more aggressive strategic arrangement, Canada's trade and investment share in China will continue to shrink. The expansion of China's free trade arrangements with two ways: first, China and other actively seek to join the TPP, the two is through the addition of bilateral free trade negotiations.
Finally, the article said that, in a word, the Canadian federal government should implement a proactive strategy to strengthen trade links, through a high level of trade agreements to support economic growth.

Class 01

Point the day and await for it to start negotiations
In the start of the FTA negotiations have been transferred from the theoretical analysis to the government to promote the stage.
Local time on April 8, the Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau sent a letter to held at Toronto City Hall and free trade agreements forum, said will actively promote the two countries since the trade agreement negotiations. Trudeau said that the Canadian government clearly the importance of trade and investment to China, will actively strive to enhance bilateral commercial, cultural and social relations, and in the spring of this year led a business delegation to visit China said he expects.
In addition, the Chinese Consul General in Toronto to attend the forum, Xue Bing, also called for the start of the talks as soon as possible in the speech, thinking that the development of bilateral economic and trade relations to create a good environment. Xue Bing, China has signed a free trade agreement with 22 trading partners, covering 38% of China's total foreign trade. China Canada relations have developed well, and bilateral trade has great potential. China and the two governments should look at the strategic perspective of the construction of the FTA as soon as possible to start FTA negotiations to achieve a win-win situation.
Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce International Market Research Department researcher Bai Ming of International Business Daily reporter said, now the international free trade atmosphere implies that China and Canada to do considering starting negotiations on free trade agreement and China's FTA strategy has developed to will FTA from in South Korea and Macao continue to spread to the stage, through layers of leveraging and start the FTA negotiations will soon has been put on the agenda.
Bai Ming pointed out that from the needs of both sides, South Korea, Australia, Canada is the resources country, China needs from the resources of the country imports products; South Korea, Australia free trade agreement signed and implemented directly driven by China and the two countries trade interaction, the Canadian produced stimulating effect, Canada must be into China's trade circles to share in the Chinese market demand for imports, therefore, and actively seek and China to carry out free trade agreement negotiations.


Consensual hit it off
World Trade Organization (WTO) of the multilateral system is facing difficulties; for many years, the Doha Round negotiations difficult, a few degrees into a stagnant.
Songhong, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the world economic and Political Research Institute of International Business Daily reporter said that in the multilateral trading system bottlenecks, China is faced with how to continue to promote the establishment of a multilateral system of the important choice. China now focus on promoting the construction of The Belt and Road ", the United States and the European Union also actively promote the TPP, cross the the Atlantic trade and investment partnership agreements (TTIP) implementation. To actively promote the multilateral relations in China's establishment, US and European pressure, some other developed countries, such as South Korea, Australia, Canada, and other all want the opportunity and China cooperation, forming a high level of FTA. Therefore, from add complementary trade, China actively promote and Canada trade layout network plan to comprehensive analysis can predict, in adding startup FTA logical.
According to the budget, if it can be reached, then by 2030, Canada's exports are expected to reach 7 billion 700 million Canadian dollars, the GDP is expected to increase by 7 billion 800 million Canadian dollars, an increase of 0.14%, and will create 25000 jobs. If the FTA can be signed, will further deepen bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and make bilateral existing complementary economic advantages to be fully played, the greatest degree of mutual benefit and win-win.

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