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daily use porcelain ceramic mugs cups advantages

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
daily use porcelain ceramic mugs cups advantages

Daily use porcelain for the majority of people for a long time to love and use, because it has the following advantages:
Easy to wash and keep clean. Porcelain glazed bright, delicate, easy to wash after use.
Good thermal stability, slow heat transfer. Tableware has fast heat and cooling undergo certain difference when not easy to burst
Performance. This is better than the glass,
It's a bad conductor of heat,
Slow heat transfer. To hold the boiling water or hot
Take food, too hot.
Chemical stability, durability. This better than metal products such as copper, iron, aluminum is superior to,
Daily use porcelain has a certain acid,
The ability of salt and atmosphere in the erosion of carbonic acid gas,
Not easy to react with these chemicals,
No rust aging.
China is very small, very low porosity, water absorption is very low. Store food with daily use porcelain, seal tightly, can prevent food
Water evaporation, infiltration and invasion of bacteria in the soil.
Colorful decorative,
In particular, high temperature glaze color and blue and white decoration and other lead poisoning hazards,
Bold use
Very popular.
Of course, there is a fly in the ointment porcelain. The biggest weakness is the impact strength is low, do not fall, easy to damage,
Is a fragile product. In addition, generally speaking, it is not suitable for the fire burning for cooking utensils, and some are not resistant to cooking.
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