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Why bone china is best daily use? bone china printing decloration mug cups

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bone china printing decloration mug cups

1 green ceramic. (this product is tested in Shanghai, Germany's SGS laboratory, which is in line with the safety and sanitation standards used by the U. S. , white porcelain bone china does not contain lead, cadmium, and the picture is not easy to wear and tear off, in addition to the use of ordinary tableware, but also suitable for microwave oven use, is a well deserved health ceramics. And ordinary ceramic products in everyday use inevitably by corrosion of acid and alkali and trace metal overflow, accumulate over a long period of time will be on human health impact. 2 distinguished and elegant ceramics. Has a profound historical background of the bone china is the only international recognized the most high-grade porcelain, with transparent and glaze glossiness good characteristics. Historical records, Bone China was born in the 19th century Britain, a by the advent of by Royal favor, is revered as the Royal special porcelain. In modern times, the feast of 1902 President Roosevelt in the White House, in 1935, Queen Mary cruise flight, 1953 Queen Elizabeth coronation ceremony fine bone china tableware. Have a bone china tableware, enjoy aristocratic life! 3 to make a sound. When you have a bone china tableware, you remove the a small bowl, left hand cradling the bottom of the bowl, and then in the right hand refers to water wet, slowly uniform friction bowl along, the sound of a leisurely to. This is caused by the bone density and the unique composition of the raw material. You take an ordinary bowl, no matter how the friction, it can not make a sound. A noble bone can make you enjoy the art of life at the dinner table.
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