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ceramic tea cups mugs, porcelain ceramic mugs Several methods of quick cleaning ceramic cup of tea

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
ceramic tea cups mugs, porcelain ceramic mugs

We all know that the ceramic cup tea stains left and is not a good thing, so we must to the cup of regular cleaning, remove attached to the top of the tea stains. But those pent stains are hard to clean, how fast we clean?
1, using toothpaste to quick cleaning, we first have to be cup inside and rinse with water side, then in the cup painted a little toothpaste, then rub wash, later with water out of the can.
2, the use of the skin cleaning. We can be divided into two categories: orange, orange, orange, lemon, etc.; two, and the rest of the fruit peel.
(1), the use of orange, orange, lemon peel can easily remove those aged tea stains, we only need to put the cups and the peel in water, and then boiling, cook so several cup is clean.
(2), like the skin of apples and other fruits, we cannot use a method for cleaning, we only need to dip a little salt in the pericarp, then to scrub the cup will be able to remove the stains.
3, in fact, we can also only salt for cleaning, we use finger picks up a little salt, in the tea stains on the back and forth scrubbing soon can be cleaned.
4, in fact, the fastest way is to use bleach, we only need to put the cup into a bowl filled with water, a little bit of bleach, over a period of time will be able to clean.
The above is the most effective method to remove four kinds of ceramic cup of tea, but also can be said to be five. Understand these four methods, so that their own ceramic cup clean bar.
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