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DIY logo ceramic mugs cups message ceramic mugs how to print logo on ceramic mugs cups

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
DIY logo ceramic mugs cups message ceramic mugs

The following steps are only allowed:
To complete a cup decorating requires several steps, the first step, printing paper. Popular speak Decal is a thin membrane, called the professional point of speaking polyvinyl butyral film, the film is printed on top of the cup to go to do the design, printing paper process which is also cup decorating premise.

Decal printing well, followed by a second step, decals. This step is very simple, is to do the flowers of paper taped to the top of the cup to go. But when there is stress decals, and paper flowers to be very flat, completely attached to the top of the cup to go, do not put a bubble, having a pattern portion can not wrinkled, or when DECORATED Cup in high temperature prone to burst flowers (that is, the printing portion spent) situation. But because the ceramic cup is not standard, so all decals must be affixed to the decals manual workers, which is what we might see the same pattern mugs, ten in a row, the printed pattern is not a straight line on the reason a.

After completion of applique cup, the next step is decorating. This step is easier, to paste into a good flower paper cups inside the furnace with a high temperature baking. The key lies DECORATED temperature, the temperature is affected by the color of paper flowers, ceramic cup material constraints. That different colors require different temperature baking, so as to make better products. If the temperature is lower than the temperature of the desired color, then the printed pattern is not shiny, the color is not bright, if the temperature is higher than the temperature of the desired color, then the printed pattern color fades to white, with not even print the same. But ceramic cup decorating material will also affect the temperature, because the temperature is just DECORATED make the glaze on a ceramic cup began to melt, this time to spend on paper ceramic toner will glaze to penetrate to the inside, until After cooling down the product, color and ceramic cup into one, so that to achieve the purpose of the ceramic cup will not fade. If the temperature is too low DECORATED ceramic cup glaze has not yet begun decorating change has been completed, then the printed color only attached to the surface of the ceramic cup, if with a wet towel to wipe the pattern will force out.

Ceramic Cup finished decorating, it completed all the work on the printed pattern. But it should be noted that regardless of that layer of film or paper flowers printed on various pigments film, are non-toxic and harmless. That layer of film Decal called polyvinyl butyral film is butyral and alcohol as raw material, the printed colors in the film are ceramics special paint, which is a variety of earth, a stone things like that.

So, all in strict accordance with the production process of ceramic cup decorating products, it is certainly not fade, but will not be poisoned.
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