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ceramic water cups mugs ceramic drink cups mugs The safest drinking cup

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ceramic water ceramic mug ceramic drink cups mugs

1, glass

In all material cup, glass, but the most healthy. In the firing process, the glass does not contain organic chemicals, when people drink water or other drinks with a glass of time, do not worry about chemical substances will be drinking into the stomach to go, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, bacteria and dirt is not easy to breed in Beibi, so people use glass water is the healthiest and most secure.

But although glass chemical-free and easy to clean, but because the thermal conductivity of glass, easy to make the user accidentally burn yourself, if the water temperature is too high, it may cause the glass to burst, the need to avoid hot dress.

2, no glaze painting ceramic cup

The preferred water-free glazed ceramic mug painting, especially the inner wall to be colorless. Not only material security, to high temperature, as well as relatively good insulation effect, drink water or tea is a good choice.

Therefore, to health, to choose the right drink cups, beware cups cause disease hazards.
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