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ceramic coated heat-transfer printing mugs cups General properties of the ceramic

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
ceramic coated heat-transfer printing ceramic mugs

1. Mechanical properties: (1) Rigidity - stiffness measured by elastic modulus, elastic modulus reaction bonding strength bond with ceramics
There is a very strong bond, so there is a high modulus of elasticity, but the porosity and temperature on the elastic modulus is great, and increased with the increase in temperature of the pores, the elastic modulus decreased.
(2) Hardness - bond strength also determines the hardness of the ceramic, so its hardness is very high, typically
1000 ~ 5000Hv, hardened steel of 500 ~ 800Hv, polymers of 20Hv or less.
(3) strength - according to theoretical calculations, the strength is very high, about E / 10 ~ E / 5, but due to the density / impurities and
Effect of various defects, the actual value is only E / 1000 ~ E / 100.
(4) plastic / ductile or brittle - at room temperature, no plastic, plastic begins when 0.5Tm; when it is not under load
That will happen Variable occur at lower stress fracture
2. Physical and chemical properties
Thermal expansion - refers to the temperature increase in the amplitude of atomic vibrations substance, atomic spacing increased volume caused by the phenomenon grew, its coefficient is generally [a = (7-300) * 10-7 /], the polymer is [a = (5-15) * 10-5 /], metal [a = (15-150) * 10-5 /] (2)
Thermal conductivity - under certain temperature gradient effect heat transfer rate, the ceramic thermal conductivity in the solid heat Zhen rely mainly on atomic movement (no conduction of free electrons), the thermal conductivity is small, its coefficient of  = 10- 2 ~ 10-5W / (mK), much lower than the metal.
(3) Thermal stability - is heat Zhen, of ceramic life at different temperature ranges fluctuate, usually does not break with the quench water can withstand the maximum temperature to express, because the low thermal conductivity of the ceramic and toughness lower. So low thermal stability.
(4) chemical stability - on acid / base / salt and other corrosive media have a strong resistance to corrosion.
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