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Golden or silver ceramic mugs cups the process of forming a ceramic

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
coated golden or silver ceramic mugs cups

1. wet molding: clay scaly particles which have not been pre-treatment arrangement is chaotic, poor plasticity, we must add the right amount of water based on the type of clay and the surface state of the particles (these water distributed in the cavity of the gap between the particles and the particle surface) and then through the action of mechanical or artificial forces, so that these flaky particles can move relatively freely with each other, and are arranged parallel to each other and strive together to achieve the plastic limit and plasticity; in addition, certain additives must be added in order to improve or alter certain properties of clay; forming the final shape in various ways 2. drying phase: After shaping, drying equipment through natural means or dried clay The water began to evaporate, the intensity begins to increase, but to pay attention to control the drying rate, surface water discharge rate of water through the gap substantially to the rate of surface diffusion, otherwise they will cause drying shrinkage cracking products.
3. firing stage:
(1) low-temperature phase (from room temperature to 300-- further discharge of residual water body;
(2) decomposition and oxidation stage (300 to 950) - discharge of combined water; the oxidation of organic and inorganic substances such as carbon; carbon
. Salts sulfide decomposition and decomposition by oxidation reaction, removing clay various organic and inorganic debris (3) high-temperature phase (calcination temperature 900 ~) - decomposition and oxidation reactions proceed, clay or glass fusion start of,
Until it performed quite complete, but because the clay will be fully integrated products soften even tread trap, so clay products is only part of the integration of the glass matrix also unreacted Al2O3 and SiO2. These unreacted materials can and must be sufficient support from the product shape does not change, the enamel surface, its melting point must be lower than the ceramic and at the same high temperature condition in a completely molten liquid state.
(4) The cooling phase (calcination temperature to room) - with decreasing temperature, product began to harden, Baiyun pottery terracotta (ie Tao
Ingredients maximum device) unreacted fusion, followed by semi-porcelain, porcelain least, it is from vitrification, the porcelain highest (nearly complete vitrification), followed by semi-porcelain, pottery least; whether pottery or porcelain, the surface glaze is completely vitrified.
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