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Bell top ceramic cups mugs Ceramics (CERAMIC) Concept

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bell top ceramic mug mugs

1. Ceramic clay as raw material is fired at high temperature of the objects it is referred to by pottery and porcelain proofing and shipping Our current view, pottery Baiyun pottery, red pottery. semi-porcelain (also called stone porcelain, is between a ceramic pottery and porcelain between), generally loose texture rough and there are many holes, so there is some absorbent; and porcelain is delicate and harder than the pottery, there are certain the translucent. 2. Jie glazed ceramic surfaces in general, the glaze is quartz, feldspar, borax, clay-based raw materials, and with coloring oxides and chloride necessary, after calcination, grinding made. coating the surface of ceramic having glass gloss, mechanical properties of ceramics can be increased. Performance colorful appearance requirements.
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