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ceramic products ceramic mugs,porcelain mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
ceramic products ceramic mug,porcelain mugs, bone china cups

1. Ceramics for daily use: Tableware, tea sets, cylinders, altar, pots, jars, plates, dishes, bowls.
2. {Process} Ceramic Art: such as vases, sculpture. Garden ceramics, ornaments.
3. Industrial ceramics: that used in various industrial ceramic products. It is divided into the following six areas:
building a sanitary ceramics: such as tile, drainage, brick, wall, sanitation and other clean it;
Insulators for power industry of high and low voltage transmission lines chemical chemical} {porcelain ceramics  acid container for various chemical industry, pipelines, towers, pumps, valves and lining acid brick masonry 11:50, ash, etc. . Motor casing, pillar insulation in low-voltage electrical insulators and lighting, as well as
Telecommunications with insulators, with insulators and other radio;
special ceramics: rejection in a variety of modern industry and cutting-edge science and technology, special ceramic products, there are high alumina porcelain, stone porcelain magnesium, titanium magnesium stone porcelain, zircon
Stone porcelain, lithium porcelain, and magnetic porcelain, metal and ceramics.
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