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kitchenroom ceramic dinner set Ceramic defect and causes

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
kitchenroom ceramic dinner set ceramic mugs cups

The main causes of defects and 1
a. mold marks
Excessive use of molds or chipping, improper repair billet. b. Deformation and uneven bottom
Deformed burnt in the kiln, molding shrinkage caused by uneven way.

c. pot-shaped vessel capacity test and pour test done, pour no diversion, no reflux. d. Crack Glaze
Reticulate surface cracks, distributed in cooked glaze should REJECT! e. pinhole
Glazed containing impurities caused by volatilization kiln, DIA is not greater than 1.5MM, into the plot is less than 2MM2, a product 1INCH2 more than 3:00, a product of not more than 8:00. f. slag off
The main reason is a body of impurities or kiln ash fell on the resulting product, DIA is not more than 3MM, 1INCH2 more than 2, no more than 4 products. g. black spots
Mud compound containing iron and other impurities, forming a black dot when burning Yang.

2 Notice
a. HANDPAINT product requires attention
HANDPAINT product requirements pictorial realism, regularity is better, there is a small difference can be accessed
That is, you can not have obvious color in the set. b. BONECHINA product requires attention
Product transparency is better to light at the bottom of the product, to be able to see the shadow of his own fingers; never can have slag off the surface black spots DIA less than 1.5MM, less the four. c. SOLID COLOR product requires attention
Should pay attention to the flow of glaze, the product mouth white, other surfaces with clear water lines, where the blue, green, especially this phenomenon.
d. WAVE product requires attention
Surface lines should be clear, as a result of excessive use of molds to make WAVE unclear, should REJECT.
e. Other characteristics of the ceramic product inspection
a) body and the box should match the color, pattern, design layout should be reasonable. b) To check the box quality, consistent hardness box, paper and requirements, colorful, bright and clean, no damage. c) outer carton five cardboard or heart.
d) Annex should also be noted: If SALT & PEPPER SET plug matter, galvanized
Accessories can not have rust while waiting.
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