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design ceramic mugs Glossary of ancient porcelain

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
design ceramic mug

face unusually hot but intricate antique porcelain market, many people look at a loss, in fact, old porcelain collection is not inscrutable, as long as you can hear understand or figure out the following appreciation of ancient porcelain, speaking collectors convention, can boldly into the market. --- Knock mouth mouth objects hit by the lack of an external force that appears to touch the scars of varying sizes knock. --- Artifacts mouth blurted crack because it was touching and the emergence of unequal length, and more appear in a bowl, porcelain plate type, there are not red outer punch in the phenomenon. --- Lip glaze burrs off the lack of interruptions. After grinding mouth --- lip injury is appears to be rubbed off part or most or even all. Cover edges --- enamel utensils orofacial injury all off. Heavy Leather --- artifacts mouth injuries due to hazards arising from cross section, but the appearance is still intact; the glaze has split has not been stripped, tend to touch off. --- Brown eyes glazed porcelain was split financial bubble burst in the kiln after, never to bridge formed holes. Crawling --- porcelain surface with oil, the applied glaze not fully attached to the tire leakage phenomenon occur. Hourglass --- enamel utensils glazing, locally disclose and unglazed exposed child. Fine cracks piece of varying lengths interleaved pattern appearing on the chip --- porcelain glazed with opening film come first. Fine wire pattern soft track --- well-glazed porcelain friction arise. Cold ink sheet pattern --- this should not occur artifacts, but the emergence of a glazed, two lines, or through the carcass has been through. --- Loss of bright objects glazed or painted surface, after being scratched hard object scars. --- Since the injury Glaze enamel friction with other objects, causing local damage glazed.
Since the glazed enamel stripping by acid, alkali, salt erosion, or buried objects leaving the glaze off baptized. Grinding section --- deliberately rubbed blue, red color and other models posing other's artifacts. The original mill glaze bottom --- foot, for certain purposes, such as deliberately posing as other years, and the enamel wore off. --- Burning kiln complex secondary barbecue. --- Smoked with incense smoke for the old, sniffing flavored. --- Censer with legs, horses, and other animals of the leg or foot has maiming incomplete, and were up legs. --- With cover lid with a dynasty different objects match. --- Fried grain artifacts neck, shoulder or abdomen by the impact, there radiation pattern chicken. --- Rust water by soil burial artifacts long flooding, have sallow, red or patina iron and other chemical substances to adhere to device table. --- Knock up the glaze is missing part or grinding mouth mouth, coated with the glaze juice, into the fire of. --- Antique artifacts unearthed all kinds of false, intentionally long buried underground, to a whole new as the old; low temperature lead glaze and colorful, pastels, etc., and more particularly susceptible to oxidation or corrosion. Parquet nozzle flow --- huliu has disappeared, with the other mouth inserts fill. After engraved female models --- the utensils engraved with a diamond tool models, no glazing; or after glazing carved into the kiln for baking, after the moment of word of mouth, some missing section glaze and the glaze edges are not smooth. --- Yang Wen made after paragraph at the bottom of artifacts, carved Yang Wen paragraph after the word and filled with enamel, or enamel heap inscription written, much is not clear enough.
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