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ceramic heat transfer printing mug cups Celadon

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
ceramic heat transfer ceramic mugs cups

Because the glaze contains some iron, ceramic mug after high temperature firing, it was green or greenish yellow, so called celadon. Transparent glaze, shiny shiny, clear, elegant, beautiful appearance. Eastern Han Dynasty 1800 years ago, our country has been able to firing a mature celadon. Zhejiang Province is the birthplace of celadon. Shangyu County sprites altar unearthed late Eastern Han Dynasty celadon kiln, dense texture, good transparency, low water absorption, department by 1260  --1310  high temperature firing; Quintana device table glazing, glaze with a solid; This shows that the Eastern Han Dynasty celadon period, already has a variety of conditions are ripe porcelain. The early Ming Dynasty Longquan celadon carved lotus scrolls Gu Tang orifice black porcelain water column
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