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color glazed ceramic mug with spoon Primitive unglazed

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer     Date:2016/3/10 11:22:46
color glazed ceramic mug with spoon

In the late Neolithic of primitive society, our ancestors used clay as raw material, firing the aggravation gray device table unglazed, lower furnace vessel, the so-called gray pottery. Zhou original porcelain beans
About in the early summer on behalf of slave society, with the improvement of the level of development and the process of social, people mixed with a certain amount of feldspar, quartz and other ingredients in the clay, the firing of an aggravation white, relatively hard texture the containers, in terms of their performance and rigidity sintering, is different from the pottery, and close to the original celadon. However, due to control table unglazed, so call it "primitive unglazed"
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