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I Love You ceramic mugs custom color changing cup

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
I Love You" ceramic mugs cups

Namely porcelain sold abroad. Our export porcelain, generally there are several cases, one through the foreign emissary, heads of reward and gift output, and second, through the form of trade by land, sea and shipped out of three is foreign to our acquisition, order, Dingzao other direct management style and sold abroad. In such export porcelain foreign order, there are a lot of decoration patterns in accordance with the foreign samples brought from Europe by the Chinese porcelain painting meticulously painted copy of workers. Roughly divided into four categories according to their theme of "1, heraldic porcelain; 2, figure drawing, including mythology, religious stories and genre paintings (Europeans everyday life, such as hunting, harvesting, etc.); 3, ship picture, usually on board all painted with the flag, and some have inscriptions; pier landscape, parting figure also occasionally seen .4, flower map, lonely old man referred to some flowers round painted porcelain "Kangxi in support or opposition of yin and yang," Tao Ya "in , partial and nuanced, aroma rule of color, pure in line with Western methods "that belong to this category.
Prosperous Chinese export porcelain from the Sui and Tang maintained until the first two decades of the nineteenth century. Later, the Japanese and European porcelain industry development, especially Nala corrupt Qing regime and caused social unrest, making China Porcelain gradually fading, it deteriorated the export porcelain.
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