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Increase the porcelain varieties increased Custom Disney ceramic mugs

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It is understood that the Custom Disney ceramic mugs ancient kiln sites in North survey project in the investigation of Hebi City in mid-November from the investigation for about two months. The survey mainly the distribution of ancient kiln sites, age, environmental aspects, with emphasis on the kiln in the northern regions of the distribution of the Yellow River south of the North of kiln kiln comprehensive study of the relationship, combined with Hebi City, the third national survey of cultural artifacts result on the northern regions, southern Hebei, southeastern region systematic comparative study kiln. Through the initial investigation in Hebi City, we know that the ancient kilns kiln area has increased over the past know, there are new types of ceramics found, such as scratching, white, black porcelain, etc., especially its beautiful fine white porcelain The most striking detail of the work, its artistic value is relatively high.

Hebi collection of ancient kiln sites in the town Heshan District, Hebi Cao Village area, northern China's Song Dynasty kilns one of the famous folk. AD 710, Hebi set has been formed, kiln due to its name, also known as "Hebi kiln." Department from the kiln, the kiln is set Cizhou system of Hebi, and its products are white glazed, black glazed, vitreous enamel, etc. sauce, decorated with carved bell flowers, pick flowers, printing, plus color, etc., composition concise, strokes smooth, realistic and strong. The sites in the study of the history of ancient ceramics plays an important role, is one of the first provincial-level cultural relics protection units.
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