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China Jiade 2010 Ceramic autumn patted will show rich artistic culture

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-6
Chinese Jiade 2010 autumn auction China handicraft part ceramic mug custom, launch nine categories of different, unique performance, pooling nearly 11 pieces of works, make collect feast. Among them, "QiuGuang million - palace art if" special parts for Chinese fine heart third launch palace art performance, there are 16 pieces of China handicraft and 9 pieces of Chinese painting and calligraphy ZhenHan works appear.

Chinese Jiade 2010 autumn patted will show rich artistic culture

Painting and calligraphy part, ancient treasures from time to tome reappear, modern morale subtraction. Chinese fine heart ancient calligraphy and painting part mutual 4 special performance, including wang xizhi cursive "ping AnTie" may call the top collection. Contemporary painting section are special with field form, ZhangDaQian work rates with largest window. "ZhangDing paintings" special, there are not only masters of qi baishi, huang bin-hong etc, also have a masterpiece, pay ZhangGuangYu etc, gout sketch. Beijing huachen Chinese calligraphy and painting part, by LiuWenXi main authored "happiness", xu beihong reciprocate with canal YeJianYu "topped", "to the mage hong yi theirs as teacher quit all unclassified" etc JingJue quality. Kang youwei, hu shi "brilliant" ink pen, fragrance qing phase ZhouSiCong painting icfbse "it may be said is part of a calligraphy extraordinary splendour.

Ceramic handicraft partial path frequent. Chinese fine heart continue introducing palace art nine special performance, "qing qianlong blue-and-white black dragon godchild figure double inlaid.and ear flat pot", "qing qianlong chrysanthemum pear dragon grain senior pieces a pair" are ZhenHan thing. The yuan dynasty youligong porcelain only remaining 30 pieces around the world, Beijing huachen will picture "youligong inscribed YunFeng grain YuHu spring bottle". Japan's YanTai collect everybody bamboo within 1936-1985 by the qing dynasty to the collection of precious YanTai, also will be special form appeared Beijing huachen, among them, SongChan shape ChaoShou SheYan take han yu cicada modelling, lithical gigantic, or can be difficult horse.

This season autumn patted the 20th century painting, contemporary art, image again emphasized and famous masterpiece especially early work become

Oil painting and sculpture part, Chinese fine heart will launch four special performance, among them, the water-sprinkling festival YuanYunSheng capital airport mural symphony of life "is particularly eye-catching, line-drawing draft" 20 centuries China oil-painting "key launched pioneer icfbse founding of the first generation, the second generation oil-painter high-quality goods," the beijing-tianjin sculptures special "gathering new China famous masterpiece sculptures, slippery fourteen TianYou for creating the monument to the people's heroes anaglyph the May 4th movement" by a group of 19 pieces bronze relief portrait and the composition draft conspicuous. Beijing huachen will launch YiXuan "pray that", zhou chunya creation in 1980 the YeShuai ", CAI device works "kaleidoscope time tunnel", Yin zhaoyang creation in 1997 the suburban "and so on the work.

In addition, Beijing huachen image part from the launch "pictures" photo studios and reflects technique and art photography technology integration "to photography" hail to the chief "two projects, for China's photographic collections construct two new contexts
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