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Daisy-use ceramics dinnerware dinner set Bone China

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Daisy-use ceramics dinnerware dinner set

Also ceramic mug known as bone china bone china is bone meal plus quartz mixture of clay. In 1756, an Englishman in ceramic materials unexpectedly joined the animal bone meal, actually surprisingly burn fat as jade porcelain, bone meal, which is due to take place in the firing process can kaolin impurities in chemistry, play the effect of the elimination of impurities. Bone meal can increase the hardness and transmittance of porcelain, and the intensity higher than porcelain, it can be done than the average porcelain thin, lightweight texture, fine hard (which is twice the daily porcelain), easy to wear and cracking, moderate light transmission and thermal insulation, natural bone cream color. However, since it is easy to burn crack add bone meal, the yield less, the price of your side.
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