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minions ceramic mugs cups Shu Fu porcelain

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Minions ceramic mugs cups
Shu Fu porcelain known as egg white porcelain, Jingdezhen kilns in the Yuan Dynasty blue glaze on the basis of the Song fired in a famous porcelain. This porcelain Fetus white, Taizhi hard, heavy carcass, high degree of porcelain. Generally for the bluish white glaze, the glaze layer is thick, was devitrification shape, color white micro-green, like a goose egg color. Type variety, but not physical, large objects are rare, which in a small foot, flat, open, deep belly bow style bowl the most typical. Early artifacts due to high iron content in the glaze, white glaze Fan Qing; reduce the amount of iron contained late glaze, glaze tends to be pure. In the decorative printing method-based, multi-pattern appeared rounded and less clear. In between are often printed with symmetrical floral script "Shu Fu" word, is the Privy Council in Jingde porcelain firing Hutian given
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