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Ceramic coated mug cup What is the difference between pottery and porcelain?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Ceramic coated mug cup
Daily life, people often known as ceramic pottery and porcelain. In fact, pottery and porcelain are two substances, characterized in that they are different.

Pottery: the degree of sintering poor body structure is not dense, rough and dull section, water absorption, low mechanical strength, the process of firing the degree of difference between the glass, the sound when struck heavy cloud. According to its characteristics, can be divided into coarse earthenware pottery, pottery and fine pottery ordinary.

Porcelain: the higher the degree of sintering, hard and compact body, the cross section fine shiny, stone-like or conchoidal, basic non-absorbent, ceramic structure in the glass phase, mullite crystals and bubbles of varying sizes, when struck the sound crisp, high mechanical strength. According to its characteristics, can be divided into porcelain stoneware porcelain, ordinary porcelain Yang fine porcelain.

Pottery and porcelain are mud as raw materials, fire baked just right, the main reason why there will be a difference it is:? They choose different materials and firing temperature. Ceramic materials are generally used in situ can obtain high iron clays, the firing temperature is generally in the 1180 ~ 1250. Porcelain general and refined selection of raw materials have higher requirements, the concentrated expression of Fe203 in the raw materials and low CaO content requirements, Si02 and A12O3 content than pottery, firing temperature is generally in the 1250 ~ 1400. Differences in the content of the various components of the raw materials determines the spread of different firing temperature. Firing temperature difference determines the difference in pottery and porcelain features.

From the point of view of pottery and porcelain features, porcelain pottery obviously far superior than that. So the purpose is not to completely replace porcelain pottery? The answer is no. Although the density is less than porcelain pottery, but because it's less severe, reducing distortion, easy to manufacture large objects; porous ceramic body structure, making pottery has a unique breathable, easy to save food, nurturing plants. For example, commonly known as Yixing teapot is a unique craft pottery. It is produced by the local purple clay, red mud or green clay is made compact shape, color Pak Ya, tea overnight without deterioration, since the Ming and Qing widespread tea daily. National characteristics, enjoy a high reputation in the international arena. Thus, porcelain substitute pottery, porcelain pottery can not be replaced, they coexist development, social development and people's living together play a proper role.

China's ceramic manufacturing has a long history, knowledge about pottery and porcelain is also a process of development. According to archaeological studies show that our far as the Neolithic Age (about 10,000 years ago) there have been a lot of beautiful pottery, a thousand years ago in the Shang and Zhou dynasties on the creation of original porcelain, after a transitional period to be late Eastern Han dynasty has been completed transition from pottery to porcelain, created a porcelain. To make this new product and distinguish the original pottery open, when people realize that can no longer be a "Tao", said the word continues to mix down, but should create a new name, which is "Porcelain '' word to cope To the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the masses on the widespread use of the "Porcelain" word, but it should prompt, then "porcelain" word meaning only focused on glazed "crystal Mincher, smooth jade", rather than a porcelain By the Ming and Qing Dynasties, for "porcelain" word was to determine the "white, dense, translucent 'quality requirements. Today," Tao "and" porcelain "two concepts together is known as ceramics, but also the development of science and technology results of modern science, by definition, generally referred to by the inorganic non-metallic materials as the basic component of solid ceramic products. This definition includes not only the pottery, porcelain, and including refractories, abrasives, non-metallic, inorganic non-magnetic material metal material products. For normal home life, as long as people realize that the ceramic pottery and porcelain known as it wants, it may be more interested in how to identify pottery and porcelain ..

The above describes the difference between simple pottery and porcelain on the characteristics and uses, as well as how to distinguish between them in. Hopefully, this knowledge can be helpful to you.
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