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Ceramic Design mug cup How to overcome the flaws matt glazed ceramics

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Ceramic design mug cup

Gloss ceramic glaze is an important indicator to measure. Some products lose their luster after firing, this is a serious flaw.

(1) Reason:

This flux less glaze, high melting point, the firing temperature is not enough.
thin glazing, or glazing without glaze mix well.
When the body has glazing close to the porous absorbent body and artifacts, it is easy to make glaze glazed green body is affected.
excessive sulfur fuel, burning with sulfur dioxide gas and ash glazes to produce sulfide compounds, thereby increasing the glaze melting point, prompting glazed produce light.

(2) measures to overcome
appropriate to increase the concentration of the glaze or glaze on several occasions.
appropriate to increase the flux glaze, reduce refractoriness, or an appropriate increase in the firing temperature.
glazing body has to avoid close unglazed or some of this absorbent objects, unglazed and glazed green not firing blanks in the same sagger.
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