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Milk-tea ceramic cup mugs How to prevent dry glaze Xiang

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Milk-tea ceramic mug suppliers
The main defects in products produced through unglazed secondary glazing line after firing.
(1) Reason:
As the body is too dry, it is strongly absorb glaze, also have dry glaze.

By examining the body section, to ascertain whether the blank is too dry.
the body before glazing already too dense, the glaze can not suck enough, after firing glaze will dry.
glaze firing too much, so some fusible volatile components, can also cause dry glaze.
blanks between glaze and chemical properties (acidity coefficient) match misconduct, strong action when prone glaze is blank absorption phenomena (dry glaze).

(2) measures to overcome
body does not dry too much.
lower temperature unglazed so plain glazed burnt body has to be some absorbent.
adjust billet, glaze acidity factor.
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