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Ceramic Lover/valentine cup mug How to prevent slag off

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
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Sticky surface slag particles within the article, called off the residue.

(1) Reason:
When installed billet, billet not blow off the dust, soot blowing or after the blank into the sagger excessive force, the inner bowl husk ash or clinker grains blown into the blanks.
sagger unchecked, defective sagger unpatched, sagger end not cleaned or painted on the use of slurry.
operator hands sticky ash particles, falls within the billet loading blanks.
bowl pillar bump, shock kiln car, causing the sand to fall within the blanks.
Thermal stability  sagger poor thermal shock when the burst of particles fall within the blanks.

(2) applied to overcome the break up:
improve sagger quality, maximize the use of new materials sagger, such as silicon carbide sagger.
sagger before use, to be checked, cleaned inside and outside the sagger.

Be careful when blowing dust inside the blank blank  clean install, to gently, to avoid crashing in the blanks sagger particles.
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