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bone china ceramic gift mug cup premium cup How to prevent glazed black spots

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bone china ceramic gift mug cup premium cup
Black spot is dark brown ceramic surface showed stains. Causes are: blank in the high iron content and coarse, with a reducing atmosphere during firing is not strong, iron is not fully restored, and in the surface of the product leaving black spots or spots; body stored for too long, blank the surface is dirty, no dust suction surface clean blank blank when installed;

Sagger much iron, iron particles at high temperature sagger burst and fell on the products; blanks are not pre-installed on the sagger check processing, not to knock the iron sulfide particles. Overcoming measures are:

(1) You can stick coated underside sagger glaze.

(2) When loading blanks, in strict accordance with the requirements of body surface dust clears.

(3) proper control of a reducing atmosphere, both to make ferric oxide is reduced to ferrous oxide, but also the deposition of carbon on the burned body
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