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hot sale heart-shaped ceramic couple mug for valentine's and wedding decoration How Yin Huang product caused

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
hot sale heart-shaped ceramic couple mug for valentine's and wedding decoration

The iron billets, introduced during processing or in the firing process not fully restored, so that the products yellow. Specifically as follows:

(1) Reason:

improper reduction stage operation, when the starting temperature is too high, too fast heating, glazed melt prematurely, causing stomatal closure, internal hard body fully restored. In addition, coal combustion coal perforation into a lot of air, but also make products not fully restored.

tunnel kiln firing process, due to power outages or nozzle clogging, so that part of the crater insufficient to restore or re-oxidation products.

firing temperature is too high; produce rhubarb, this defect occurs in the upper part of the crater and the kiln car; the firing temperature is too low, also make products made yellow, this defect occurs in the lower part of the kiln car.

tunnel kiln reduction zone sidewall fouling too much, or too high pressure under the car, causing the car air escaping into the kiln, kiln car corners parts caused partial oxidation atmosphere.

(2) measures to overcome:

off the oil supply system to prevent, owned generators, a power failure, immediately to the transmission tunnel kiln, maintain normal production.

strengthening and refining raw materials in addition to iron, and strictly control the appropriate reducing atmosphere, not too strong, not too light, have a good reduction temperature, minimizing the temperature difference between the kiln.

good car under the control of pressure, do not let the cold escape into the kiln.

timely removal of the kiln wall fouling.

In addition, the products will be the emergence of a "face" phenomenon, which is essentially a special case of the yellow shade. Mainly due to the oxidation and reduction staggered two kinds of volatile atmosphere resulting from the operation. For example, in the reduction phase, coal burning tunnel kiln chamber through the hole, the operation too slow, strong oxidizing inhalation flow easily lead painted face. Glazed brown eyes glaze off too easily lead to local painted face, especially in the case of lower firing temperature or low temperature in the kiln site, which painted face is more obvious. Measures can be taken to overcome these deficiencies painted face.
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