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Christmas ceramic mug, porcelain mug cup Why is Ceramics during firing blistered

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
Christmas ceramic mug, porcelain mug cup

Ceramics in the firing blistering reasons are complex, but we should have a general concept: all bubbles, no matter how big bubble vesicles, hollow solid foam bubbles, colored bulbs or no color bubble, in short, all the bubble they are associated with generation of gas related. That is, due to the action of the gas is generated. In the firing process, to produce a gaseous substance many ways, for example, evaporation of water, the decomposition of carbonates and sulfates, carbon oxide and the like. These gaseous substance produced in the pottery firing process is inevitable. Our task is not to prevent the generation of these gaseous substances, but to make the best use to promote their produce, and promote their exclusion, and create conditions for the emergence and immediately removed. These conditions can be summed up, that is, temperature, atmosphere and time, three are indispensable. If not well in creating these conditions, said gaseous substance can not be excluded and promptly generated, the article may blistering.
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