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Stoneware color glazed solid promotional gift mug cup drinkware

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Stoneware color glazed solid promotional gift ceramic mugs cup drinkware
In case of under-firing ceramics or burnt, its surface color is often undesirable, tested, if not cracking, deformation and other defects, and can be repeated firing.

For the under-fire products available original glaze thinly applied glaze, firing into the kiln complex, in order to achieve acceptable glazed. This is valuable for color glaze, this method is preferable, such as Jun glaze after firing can become complex Jun saffron glaze.

For over-burning products, can be re-applied to the bottom layer of enamel and enamel-coated surface drops to adapt its approach on it, re-fired glaze products.

Additionally, you can put through the burning of high-temperature glaze porcelain, Gasch appropriate low temperature color glaze, firing in decorating furnace complex combination of high and low temperature glaze varieties. As a result of the over-burning shadow blue glazed multi-grain, beans, green glazed porcelain subjected to hypothermia brother green glaze, grilling from Venus green glaze.
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