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Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-10
ceramic mugs Tunnel kiln length is determined by the firing system of kiln car, size andloading capacity and production factors. The cross-sectional area of the same, kiln body length, high yield, easy to reach the predetermined firing temperature, stable operation, high heat utilization rate, favorable to the quality of the products. But for too long, the capital construction investment and the area increased, while still in the length direction caused a larger pressure difference so as to increase equipment capability. So, in ensuring the premise of system and meet the sintering yield, kilnworked shorter, but too short, into the car speed is slow, yield is low, the operation is difficult to control. Generally, an annual output of 1200 ~15000000 and medium-sized tunnel kiln products length of 75 ~ 90m; 800 to 10000000 parts of 65 ~ 80m; 300 to 5000000 parts of 50 ~ 65 M. The length of the kiln can be used to obtain the following formula. Type L -- kiln length (m); G -- yield (A / h); T -- the annual production of the time (h, normally 7920-8160h) G -- every vehicle output (piece); -- Product firing cycle (H); Every car kiln commander (m); - firing qualified rate (%). Kiln length can also be obtained by the following methods: (1) kiln length mainly depends on the productivity and process conditions(the firing cycle) Yao long (m) = The trolley speed (M / h) = (2) kiln length (m) = (3) the general yield (CART kiln long because of the speed of M / h) and process requirements (the time of firing, H) vary. As shown in the followingformula: Yao long (m) = cart velocity (M / h) * the firing time (H) The trolley speed (M / h) = h kiln volume (m3 / h) / kiln basal area (M2) Hour kiln volume (m2 / h) = h kiln output (parts / h) / setting density (A / m3)
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