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Ceramic mugs for daily use classification manufacturers

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ceramic mug manufacturers for daily use classification
(A) by porcelain species classification. Currently on the market there are daily circulation of fine porcelain, household Cape porcelain, household porcelain stoneware, bone china, a daily exquisite porcelain, glaze (middle) color daily porcelain, fine pottery and other household.
(B) the method of classification flower decoration. Features can be divided by flower glaze color, glaze, glaze color, glaze, and color is not white porcelain and so on.
Glaze color is used on ceramic products are decorated with glazed ceramic pigment, and then by 700 ~ 850  grilling made products. Because grilling temperature does not reach the melting temperature of the glaze layer, so did not sink into the glaze decorative patterns, only close to the glaze layer surface luster and decorative patterns glazed sheen have a more significant difference.
Glaze decoration method is consistent with the glaze color, but the grilling temperature is higher than the glaze color, reaching the melting temperature of glaze ceramic products, ceramic pigment in the glaze when you sink into the glaze melted, cooled after the glaze layer covering decorative pattern consistent luster and gloss glazed.
Underglaze decoration is carried out on the mud, after a high-temperature glaze firing, and glaze like this product, decorative pattern is covered with glaze, luster and decorative patterns consistent glazed sheen.
Color glazed ceramic glaze is added to a high temperature of the toner, the product glaze after firing showing a particular color, such as yellow, blue, green beans and so on.
Usually without any color white porcelain decorated ceramics.
Bring a different decorative effect of different decorative way, the glaze color products, decorative effect colorful, colorful, glazed products and underglaze color products tend to be more elegant, gorgeous color glaze color degree inferior product, consumers can according to their own preferences of different methods of decoration products.
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