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Ceramics for daily maintenance by ceramic mugs

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When it comes to porcelain maintenance, ceramic mugs people first thought is that often appear in the program Kam Po precious porcelain, such as blue and white porcelain, porcelain, etc. have to be, but in fact than this broad range of porcelain and more. And many can not only look like precious porcelain, ceramics for daily use in our lives maintenance is "hard to eat soft food."

For the most common examples: the bathroom sink, wash basin used for some time, you will find that not as smooth, and the color has become not so fresh. These are because we are in the process of using, wash basins enough to care, some strong acid or alkali cleaning products will destroy the enamel porcelain surface, we hand ring bracelet porcelain enamel surface also produced damage. For use over a period of porcelain, carefully placed light observation reveals porcelain surface with tiny scratches, which is usually due to improper maintenance.

Therefore, we should pay attention in the maintenance aspects of daily ceramic products, these porcelain are "eat soft food hard". In the daily cleaning should choose relatively soft cloth to clean dust, cleaning work should be timely, do not wait to go clean up the dust very thick plot, although the surface layer of porcelain enamel, but was dust cover for a long period, and also make some fine dust into it to make porcelain color becomes dull. For other porcelain for decorative effects, such as vases, should be noted in the maintenance of even more. Especially often used flower vases, flower water must be frequently changed, do not wait for the water to become smelly, or a very long time and back to the water, so not only difficult to clean vase, dirty water in tiny microbes also affect the quality of the vase.

For porcelain often encountered in everyday life, it try to escape when cleaning some of the acid and alkali chemical cleaners, use a mild detergent such toothpaste, the firm can not use steel wool is like tools will cause scratches in the porcelain surface, once scratched, even after the dust and bacteria easily attached to the porcelain surface, not just the future of cleaning work harder to do, but also make porcelain surface sector bacteria affect people's health.
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